This was written by Tish, my wife, about two weeks before she died after major surgery with an endotracheal tube in place. “I think I might be living in heaven; how can there be war when there is so much love.”

It’s June 2023. Is Covid over or is there a more virulent mutant on its way. Who knows.

But for sure this last three years has been filled with way too many OMGs.

Truly scary to see so many of us fall in line, (I nearly did) and justify the obliteration of basic human rights (you know like informed consent) of a few nut cases who just need to take the jab and shut up. (We were more than 20%).

When the next major scare hits will we stand against those tyrannical forces operating thru kind thoughtful idealists who, for the sake of the collective, allow tyranny to ooze forth out of every pore along with a smile (smirk) on their dial.

Those of us who were and are not covid jabbed have a had a taste. We can see where it will lead, if we don’t say no.

First they came for ……..

It won’t be good for anyone!

At some point even loyal comrades face elimination!